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Play Pinch Harmonics Like Zakk Wylde!

Contributor: TC Staff    Rating: 3/5    Views: 5876


Right then...pinch harmonics.

I've gathered that I need to touch/mute the string slightly directly after
hitting it with the pick at a nodal? point over the string...I have just the
tip of the pick showing, and touch the string with my thumb directly after
playing the note.

I get the harmonics, but very rarely the big squealy ones a la Zakk Wylde.

These are what I want...especially on low single string riffs.

I want my guitar to squeal!





Pinch Harmonics are one of the hardest techniques to master, but they sound
really cool if you can get it right.. First of all, make sure you have your
amp's distortion on 10, and the high end all the way up, and your guitar on the
bridge pickup.... Now choose a fret and a string (i like 4th fret, G string)
and fret it normally.. With your right (picking) hand, hold the pick so that
the tip of your thumb sticks out past the end of the pick.. when you pick the
string in the normal place, your thumb should hit the string like a millisecond
after the pick, creating a harmonic... it works a little better when you bend
the string.. try picking different places, it totally changes the pitch....keep
trying, it takes a lot of practice.

Here's a few tips...
1. Distortion, distortion, distortion! IF you dont' have the gain, you
can't play the game (bad rhyme) Try turning the distortion all the way up,
and see if it gets easier. Of course, it's possible to do these with low,
or no distortion, but they are much evident, and you really have to hit them
perfect to get a sound.
2. You probably already know this, but hold the pick as close to the edge
as you can, and use a fresh pick, damnit! I prefer mediums, but thins may
be better for learning. Hard are too hard ot learn on. Remember, you're
just trying to brush the edge of your thumb along the string AFTER you hit
it in one motion. Don't try to hit it with your thumb and the pick at the
same time!
3. Turning the high up on youre tone control will help.
4. Some frets work better than others. The 3-7's are generally the best,
but other's are good to.
5. Depending on which part of the string you strike you're pick on, it will
make a different harmonic. Some are dead while others sing.
6. Hot pickups help (this goes along with the distortion). I think
humbuckers make it easier, though it's not impossible with a single coil.
7. Try one at the 3rd string, 5th fret. This is a pretty easy one. try
moving youre pick up and down the string until you find one that works.
8. Try to be somewhat good when you attempt this. I would consider this an
intermediate technique.
9. Go buy the first level of metal method ( and go
from there. It will make you good.
10. IT kinda takes a while to get down, but not as long as barre chords!

Contributor: TC Staff    Rating: 3/5    Views: 5876

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