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Scratchy Knobs!

Contributor: TC Staff    Rating: 4/5    Views: 5871

Q: My treble pot on my clean channel is really noisey. This is on a Marshall 8040 valve state amp. Why does this happen? What is a good replacement pot for this amp? Or should I just send the amp to the repair shop?

A: Ignoring breakage, noisy pots are caused by one or both of the following:

1. dirt or other foreign substance, and/or

2. the wiper not making good, solid contact with the resistor element.

I've tried many different cleaners. Yes, don't buy the Radio Shack stuff. Most tech's will agree that the CAIG DeOxit Cleaning Solution Spray, 5% spray is the way to go. There are other products that will restore the smoothness of a pot, such as the CAIG DeoxIT SHIELD Contact Protector, 5% Spray, so you will probably be better off with those. Of course, I prefer to replace pots all together when they go scratchy....

If you overuse any contact cleaner, you may well end up replacing the pots. Also, it's not terribly safe on the plastics inside the pot.

-TC Staff


Contributor: TC Staff    Rating: 4/5    Views: 5871

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