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How To memorise your fretboard notes

Contributor: barret    Rating: 0/5    Views: 6112

Knowing the notes on your fretboard is as important and know how to play your stringed instrument. It is Very easy to find a way to memorise, or at least find the notes of the fretboard without having to look at a chart.

So Here We Go..... Firstly, All notes in music go in alphabetical order. They go A Through G, so no matter what tuning your stringed instrument is the order of notes will go A-B-C-D-E-F-G. With different tunings you will start on a different note, for instance if your playing a 5 String bass, your lowest strings, the Low B go B-C-D-E-F-G-A-B.

Now to figure out the order of the notes on the fretboard will take a little memorization. All notes on the fret board will go A-G between the open string and the 12th fret. The 12th fret is the same as the open string, just an octave lower. The notes on the fret board go in a specific order, and have sharps or flats. Each note on the fret board is spaced a whole step ( One whole fret away) except when the notes go from B to C, and E to F, which are next to each other. The notes in between the notes besides b and c, and e and f go sharp and flat. For instance the note in between A and b is either A Sharp, or B Flat, then the next fret is B. This may sound confusing but here's an example if the string is tuned to A.

Open String = A
1st Fret = A Sharp/ B Flat
2nd Fret = B
3rd Fret = c
4th Fret = C Sharp / D Flat
5th Fret = D
6th Fret = D sharp/ E Flat
7th Fret = E
8th Fret = F
9th Fret = F Sharp/ G Flat
10th Fret = G
11th Fret = G sharp/ A Flat
12th Fret = A ( then starts over).

This is the same for every string instrument, and most tunings, tunings with exceptions are those that are flat or sharp.

Anyways, good luck with learning the fretboard, if you memorise this system It should be easy to find any note on the fretboard!

Contributor: barret    Rating: 0/5    Views: 6112

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