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Ride On (ver 3) by Ac/dc Tabbed by Rick Weber. Some of the solo and bridge content and notation of this is borrowed from the Tab by Steve Vetter, and Henrik Jonsson. I corrected some accuracy problems that I encountered while playing it and completed what they started. This is my interpretation of this song, and is not inteded to represent official notation of the song as performed by AC/DC. This Tab is for research and personal growth as a guitarist only. Solos are not perfect, and are only intended to provide a framework for improvisation. Some of it pretty on, some of it isn't it's all just what Those other guys put together so I threw it in here. You gotta make it your own anyway, so without further delay and Gibber Jabber... RIDE ON by AC/DC ================ Chords: "_" Preceding a chord means it's the barred version of that chord. C X32010 _C X3555X F X33210 _F 133211 _F# 244322 Bb X1333X G 3X0033 _G 355433 Intro: C F x 4 C F C F It's another lonely evening _F Bb _F Bb And another lonely town _G _C But I ain't too young to worry Bb _F And I ain't too old to cry C F C F When a woman gets me down C F C F Got another empty bottle _F Bb _F Bb And another empty bed _G _C Ain't too young to admit it Bb _F And I'm not too old to lie C F C F I'm just another empty head That's why I'm lonely, I'm so lonely, But I know what I'm gonna do... |--1-1-1-----| |--2-2-2-----| |--3--| |--1-1-1-----| |--2-2-2-----| |--3--| |--2-2-2-----| |--3-3-3-----| |--4--| |--3-3-3-3~~-| |--4-4-4-4~~-| |--5--| |--3-3-3-----| |--4-4-4-----| |--5--| |--1-1-1-----| x2 |--2-2-2-----| x2 |--3--| x 13 F C I'm gonna ride on F G *Ride on* F C *Ride on* standing on the edge of the road Bb _F *Ride on* thumb in the air F C *Ride on* one of these days I'm gonna C G *Ride on* change my evil ways _F x 24 Till then I'll just keep.. riding on.. C F x4 plays behind the small solo at the bridge Little solo |----------------------15-----------------------------------------------------| |-16b18-r16-13---16r15b17---15b17-13-15p13-13---------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------12r10--8~~~~~-----------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| C F C F Well I Broke another promise _F Bb _F Bb And I broke another heart _G _C But I ain't too young to realize Bb _F That I ain't too old to try C F C F Try to get back to the start C F C F And it's another red light nightmare _F Bb _F Bb Ooooooh On Another red light street _G _C And I ain't too old to hurry Bb _F Cause I ain't too old to die C F C F But I sure am hard to beat _Fx3 + D string 3 fret But I'm lonely, Lord I'm lonely, What am I gonna do?... |--1-1-1-----| |--2-2-2-----| |--3--| |--1-1-1-----| |--2-2-2-----| |--3--| |--2-2-2-----| |--3-3-3-----| |--4--| |--3-3-3-3~~-| |--4-4-4-4~~-| |--5--| |--3-3-3-----| |--4-4-4-----| |--5--| |--1-1-1-----| x2 |--2-2-2-----| x2 |--3--| x 13 F C I'm gonna ride on, _F _G *Ride on* got myself a one-way ticket F C *Ride on* Bb _F *Ride on* going the wrong way F C *Ride on* gonna change my evil ways _C _G *Ride on* one of these days, _F x 24 *Ride on* One of these days C F plays continuously behind main solo. |----------------------------------| |-16b18-r16-13-13~------13-13b17--| |---------------------/14----------| |----------------------------------| |----------------------------------| |----------------------------------| . . |-------8--------------------------------------------------| |---------11p8----8----------------------------------------| |-10b12--------10---10b12r10p8---------10b12r10-8~~~~------| |------------------------------10--------------------------| |----------------------------------------------------------| |----------------------------------------------------------| . ~ ???????????????????? |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |------8----------8-11p8-------8-11p8------8-11b13----------------------------| |--10b12-----10b12-------10b12--------10b12-----------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |--8-----------------------------------------8-10-11~~~~----------------------| |----11p8----------------------------8-10-11----------------------------------| |--------11p10p8----8~~~~-------8-10------------------------------------------| |----------------10--------8/10-----------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| . . |--10b12r10-8-h11p8-----8--8-8---15r17--17r15--13-12----12--------------------| |-------------------/10------------------------------13---13~~~~-------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| . . ???????????????????? |-------------------------------------------------15-------------18-18===----| |-15b17--15b17-%-%-%-%--17r15-13-13---15-13-15/17----17----18b20----18b20-----| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| . . ~ ????????????????? |--17-18-15---18p17p15--------------------------------------------------------| |----------------------18p17p15-18p17p15--------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------17p15-15-17-15-17~~~~~-------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| . . . ???????????????????????????????????????????? |----------------------------------------------------------------| |----------------------------8-11p8------------------------------| |--8-------8-------8-?--------------10p8-10~~~~------------------| |----10-10-----8h10 ---%-%---------------------------------------| |----------------------------------------------------------------| |----------------------------------------------------------------| ^ @ |------8------------------------------------------------------------| |-----8--11p8-------------------------------------------------------| |---10--------10p8-8-10p8----8--------------------------------------| |-------------------------10---10-10~~~~----------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------------------| . ^ . |-------------------8-10-11r10-8~~~-| |-----------8-10-11-----------------| |------8-10-------------------------| |--/10------------------------------| |-----------------------------------| |-----------------------------------| . |------13-----------13-----------------------------| |---------16b18~~~-----16p13-----------------------| |--/14-----------------------16p15p13--------------| |-------------------------------------15~~~-------| |--------------------------------------------------| |--------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------------| |-----15-17b19---17-15-17b19-17b19--17b19-17b19~~~----------| |--17--------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------------| . . ????????????????? |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |--18b20--18b20-18b20--18p17p15-%%%%--18b20~~~~~~~~--------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| F C *Ride on* _F _G *Ride on* I'm gonna ride on F C *Ride on* Mmmmmm looking for a truck Bb _F *Ride on Mmmm mmm hmmmmmm F C *Ride on* _C _G *Ride On* keep on riding _F x 24 Riding on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and onnnnn. F C *Ride on* _F _G OOh Yeah, Gonna have myself a good time F C Ohhh yeah Bb _F Yeah, Yeah, Yeah F C *Ride on* One of these days _C _G *Ride on* F x 24 One of these days... |--8-------------8----------------------------------------------------------| |----8--11b13------11p8-----------------------------------------------------| |------------------------(insert lots---------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------of -----------------------------------| |----------------------------------------notes here)------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------11--8~~~~~~--------| ^ Legend ------------- B bend r release B hammer-on p pull-off ^ slight-bend ~ vibrato / slides . staccato % repeat last lick = hold note @ semi-harmonic ??????????? are cues to general improvisation. Basically this is where Angus is shredding. Enjoy.


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