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Whimsical by Days Of The New DAYS OF THE NEW - Whimsical guitar tab |-----------------------------PLEASE NOTE-------------------------------------| |This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of the | | | |song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Band: DAYS OF THE NEW Song: WHIMSICAL Tabbed by: Achim Keuchel [email protected] Date: 6.3.2000 Almost the whole Days of the new album is transcribed in the OLGA archives. Unfortunately four songs are missing. This is one of them which I think is one of the best on the whole album. Please send questions, comments or corrections to: [email protected] Have fun!! Guitars tuned down one half step, dropped d tuning Intro: Let ring... Let ring... e-|--------------~-------------|------------------------------|| b-|----------3-2-3--2-0----0h2-|------------------------------|| g-|--2h4-4---------------------|--0h2-2---2---~----2---0-- 2--|| D-|----------------------------|--4-----4---0-4--4---4---4----|| A-|--2-----2-------------------|------------------------------|| D-|----------------------------|------------------------------|| Let ring... hammer on very fast and fluent e-|--------------~-----------------------|-------------------------|| b-|----------3-2-3--2-2h3p2p0--------3---|--6h7-8-6--5h6-7-5-3-~---|| g-|--2h4-4----------------------4-0--2---|---------------------4---|| D-|----------------------------------4---|-------------------------|| A-|--2-----2-------------------------5---|-------------------------|| D-|--------------------------------------|-------------------------|| Guitar 1: Guitar 2 kicks in on the b-note ~ e-|---------------------|--12p10-10p9-9p7-7-7-7-5---7-5---7-5---7--|| b-|--~-------~-------~--|-------------------------5-----7-----7----|| g-|-(4)--2h4-4---1-4-4--|------------------------------------------|| D-|---------------------|------------------------------------------|| A-|---------------------|------------------------------------------|| D-|---------------------|------------------------------------------|| Guitar 2: repeat 2 times e-|----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------2-------|| b-|-----------3----|-----------3-----|-----------3-----|-------------3-----|| g-|-----4---4------|-----4---4-------|-----1---1-------|-----4---4-----4---|| D-|---4---4--------|---5---5---------|---2---2---------|---4---4---------4-|| A-|-2--------------|-----------------|-----------------|-2-----------------|| D-|----------------|-5---------------|-2---------------|-------------------|| Bm G E7 Bm Guitar 2: the 2nd time play this at the end e-|------------ b-|------------ g-|-----2---4-- D-|---4---4---- A-|-2---------- D-|------------ Bm I can see the orange sky in front of me... Verse: e-|---------------- b-|---------------- g-|---------------- D-|----0--2--0--4-- A-|---2--2--2--2---repeat continuously D-|-0-/2--0-/4---- Bridge: It consists of three parts played in a row. That was the hardest part to figure out. Is it me... let ring... e-|---------------------------| b-|---------------------------| g-|--4-----2-----1---------~--| D-|----0-----0-----0---0-2-4--| A-|------2-----2-----2--------| D-|---------------------------| e-|---------------------------| b-|---------------------------| g-|-4-----2-----1-------------| D-|---0-----0-----0-------0---| A-|-----2-----2-----2-2-4-----| E-|---------------------------| e-|-------------------------------------------------| b-|-------------------------------------------------| g-|-4-----2-----1---------1-----4-----2-----2-------| D-|---0-----0-----0---2-----4-----2-------4-------~-| A-|-----2-----2-----2---2-----2-----2---5-----4h5p4-| E-|-------------------------------------------------| Chorus: The chorus is pretty much these four chords. It follows the lyrics and is fairly straightforward. e-|--0--|--0--|--0--|--0--|| b-|--3--|--0--|--0--|--3--|| g-|--4--|--4--|--1--|--4--|| D-|--4--|--5--|--2--|--4--|| A-|--2--|--5--|--2--|--2--|| E-|-----|--5--|--0--|-----|| Solo: played over verse riff e-|------------------------------|----------------|---------------------------------------------| b-|------------------------------|----------------|---------------------------------------------| g-|-----4-2-4------4-2-4---------|----br-------sb-|------------------/4-------------------------| D-|-2h4--------2h4-------4-4h7p4-|-0-2/2-----/2-|-/7-6-7-6-7--6-7-6---7-6-4--/4-----------4-4-| A-|------------------------------|---------2-5----|---------------------------7---7-------7-----| E-|------------------------------|----------------|---------------------------------0-0-0-------| 5x on each beginning of the verse riff e-|---------------------b------------b-----b-|| |--b--| b-|-9-9--9-9--9-9--9-9--9-9-7---7-9--9-----7-|| |--7--| ...fade... g-|-9-9--9-9--9-9--9-9--9-9-7-~-7-9--9p7---7-|| |--7--| D-|---------------------------9----------9---|| |-----| A-|------------------------------------------|| |-----| E-|------------------------------------------|| |-----| Lyrics: I can see the orange sky in front of me I can see things you'll never see People say it's all a f****n' dream But I can say words you couldn't speak Is it me can you believe You'll never live the world I live Is it me It is only me I can only live a world to (live) Break away from you shattered beliefs Detaching from my body desperate in grief I have changed the world in front of me One against all I'm starving this world Is it me do you want me You think you can have me Say you love me you want me I'm saving my money 'cause I don't pay to (breathe) I'm not afraid to live, I'm not afraid to die I can only give what I see inside You can only take what I give from me You can only win when I'm not afraid to lose Subjected to you mother of nature, limited to the color of your eyes drained by the one you call your lover She don't care if you live or die Is it me do you want me You think you can have me Say you love me you want me I'm saving my money 'cause I don't pay to (breathe) I'm not afraid to live, I'm not afraid to die I can only give what I see inside You can only take what I give from me You can only win when I'm not afraid to lose Mmh mmmh mmmh mmh Mmh mmmh mmmh Whimsical You can only win when I'm not afraid to lose well I don't have a problem, I evolved Sometimes there are always problems but I don't have a problem I stand above


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