DAVID GRAY Babylon (2) guitar tab

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Babylon (2) by David Gray DAVID GRAY - Babylon (2) guitar tab Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 13:50:15 -0500 From: Ben Hollis <[email protected]> Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 00:00:47 -0400 From: "Michael Aarons" <[email protected]> Subject: g/gray_david/babylon.crd David Gray - Babylon Track 2: White Ladder Transcribed by Ben Hollis Additional notes by Michael Aarons Comments and corrections are most welcome. The riff you can hear is 2 bars long and is based around an open D shape, it's easy to play but you have to pay attention to the hammer ons and pull offs to get the right feel, some notes are not picked with the right hand, just hammered on or pulled off with the left: D G E---------------------- B-2h3p2---h3-------3p2- G-------2--------4----- Play this riff keeping your index finger barred across these three strings at the second fret. Here are the chords and song structure, after the first verse there’s a 2 bar break (Em): Em D-------2 A-------2 E-3-2-0-0 Just let the Em chord Ring on for 2 bars Intro (8 bars/4 riffs) D G D G D G D G Verse (16 bars/8 riffs) D G D G D G D G (x2) Break (2 bars) Em Em Verse (16 bars/8 riffs) D G D G D G D G (x2) Chorus (strum chords) D A Em A D A Em G D A Em A D A Em A A Break (8 bars/4 riffs) D G D G D G D G Verse (16 bars/8 riffs) D G D G D G D G (x2) Chorus (strum chords) D A Em A D A Em G D A Em A D A Em A (x3) D A Em A D A Em A A Break (10 bars/5 riffs) D G D G D G D G D G Outro D D E------------------- B-2h3p2---h3-2h3p2-- G-------2----------2 Wait for 1 bar (NC), then end on a strummed D chord. Corrections… OK everyone there were a few minor problems with my original submission so I’ve tacked this little bit onto the bottom. I forgot to say that you need to put a CAPO on the FIRST FRET to play this song. Otherwise the guitar is tuned normally. One of the A chords in the chorus may be an F#m - I prefer to play A - whatever you like. The riff may start with an F# on the low E string, but this makes the song harder to play. There are several David Gray websites with more tab on them, but My Oh My is probably in DADGBD tuning. There’s bound to be a tab book published soon. As for playing it live exactly how you choose to play it will depend on what equipment you have – hammer-ons are not all that loud on an acoustic SEVERAL HUNDRED people have contacted me regarding this song, thanks for all the comments but please stop writing, you keep filling up my mailbox. Paste any further corrections into this file. Cheers. Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 05:43:49 -0500 From: James Dodd <[email protected]> Subject: g/gray_david/babylon.crd Babylon - David Gray, White Ladder Tab By James Dodd. [email protected] This is quite a bit different from the other version which is tabbed on the OLGA. I play it this way and I think it sounds good. > wat I can see at a glance it seems to be a bit more difficult than the other tab here. But I do think that this is the correct way. e-mail me if you like Intro & verse E-----x-------x-----x-------------------------------------------- B-----x-5h6p5-x-----x-6------------------------------------------ G-----x-5-----x-7---x-5------------------------------------------ D-----x-------x-----x-------------------------------------------- A-----x-------x-----x-------------------------------------------- E--*5-x-------x---6-x-------------------------------------------- * for this A it is best to use your thum wraped over the top of the fret board Chorus F C Gm C E-------1-------0-------3-------0-------------------------------- B-------1-------1-------3-------1-------------------------------- G-------2-------0-------3-------0-------------------------------- D-------3-------2-------5-------2-------------------------------- A-------3-------3-------5-------3-------------------------------- E-------1-------3-------3-------0-------------------------------- At the end of the chorus the secon of the C chords is replaced with a B flat. E--1- B--3- G--3- D--3- A--1- E--x- when leaving the chorus to come back into the next verse there is a minor adjustmet to the verse riff where you replace the a that you play with your thum wrapped over with an F on the first fret of the bottom E-string, small point but I think it's nice. I'd love to here from you regarding this Tab especially the guy who produced the other one. I'll try yours later and tell you what I think.. James Babylon - David Gray, White Ladder Tab By Michael Aarons, [email protected] I figured this song out a little differently. As it was implied in earlier posts, the song is in E-flat. However, I find it helpful to tune the guitar *down* a whole step and play the verse riff as shown below. Ebmaj7 Ab D --0h1p0----1-----1- A --1-----1---------- F --2-------2----3--- C --3---------------- G ------------------- D ------------------- The verse riff repeats as described in the earlier posts. Let your ear be your guide. David Gray does something clever in the construction of the chorus by making the first three chords in each line the same, but by having the last chord in each line ascend in the key. I think you'll find it sounds truer to the recording if you play it like this: First line of chorus: Eb Bb Fm Gm D -1---0---3---5--- A -1---1---3---5--- F -2---0---3---5--- C -3---2---5---7--- G -3---3---5---7--- D -1-------3---5--- Second line of chorus: Eb Bb Fm Ab D -1---0---3---1--- A -1---1---3---3--- F -2---0---3---3--- C -3---2---5---3--- G -3---3---5---1--- D -1-------3---x--- Last two lines of chorus: Eb Bb Fm Bb D -1---0---3---3--- A -1---1---3---5--- F -2---0---3---5--- C -3---2---5---5--- G -3---3---5---3--- D -1-------3---x---


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