Los Lobos Cancion Del Mariachi (ver 7) guitar tab

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Cancion Del Mariachi (ver 7) by Los Lobos Tabbed: Richard Sixsmith h - hammer on p - pull off b - bend up to ~ - Vibrato / - Slide up - Slide down Cancion del Mariachi; a great piece of music written by Los Lobos and preformed with the vocal talents of Mr.Banderas in the film Desperado. Ive Broken this into 4 parts, The Melody Intro, the Lead intro, the Solo and the Rhythm (In which I'll attempt to describe the Strumming technique) Melody Intro Yes, this one Finally has the nice Intro... e -----------------------------------------0-0-------| B -------------------------------0-0-1-0-0-0-0-0-----| G -------------------------------0-0-2-0-0-0-0-0-0-2-| D-------0h2-----------2--------2-----------------2-4-| A --2h3-------0-------2------2-----------------------| E ----------3---2h3-0-0----0-------------------------| e -------------------------------------------------0-| B ------------0---0-1-0---0----------------------0---| G ------2-2-2-0-2-0-2---0---2---0-----2--------0-----| D ----4---4-4---4-------------4---1-4--------2-------| A --2--------------------------------------2---------| E ---------------------------------------0-----------| The Lead Intro e -------7-7--7-7--8-7--7----8-7-7----5---- 5-5--5-5-7-5--5-5-7-5-5---------| B -----8-8-8--8-8--8-8--8----8-8-8----7--- -7-7--7-7-7-7--7-7-7-7-7---7---8-| G ---9--------------------9--------9-----7-------------------------8---9---| D -9------------------------------------------------------------------------| A --------------------------------------------------------------------------| E --------------------------------------------------------------------------| The Solo (Tabbed by unregistered) --------------12---------------------11-------------------------------| ----12-----12----12----12--------12------12--10--12-------------------| -9------12----------12------------------------------------------------| ---------------------------9------------------------9-----------------| ----------------------------------------------------------------------| ----------------------------------------------------------------------| ----11------------------12-----------------12-------------------------| -12----12-10-12------12----12----12-----12----12----12----------------| ------------------------------12-----------------12-------------------| -----------------9------------------9------------------9--------------| ----------------------------------------------------------------------| ----------------------------------------------------------------------| ----11-------------------11-------------------------12--------------12-| -12----12-10-12--------------10--12--------10-12-------------12--------| ----------------------------------------------------------12-----------| -----------------9--------------------9-----------9--------------9-----| -----------------------------------------------------------------------| -----------------------------------------------------------------------| -----------12-------------10----10---8------8---7---7---5---5--3--3---| -----12----------------12----12---------10--------8-------7------5----| -12-----------------12------------------------------------------------| ---------9------------------------------------------------------------| ----------------------------------------------------------------------| ----------------------------------------------------------------------| -2---3---0---0--------------------------------------------------------| ---3-------0----3--0--1--0--------------------------------------------| -------------------------------4-----2--4--5-4-2-------2--------------| -------------------------------------------------5-4-----5-4-2-~~~----| -------------------------------------------------------------------2--| ----------------------------------------------------------------------| ----------------------------------------------------------------------| ----------------------------------------------------------------------| -------8--9--11----------10--11--12-----------8--9--11----------------| -9--9--------------9--9-----------------9--9-------------9------------| ----------------------------------------------------------------------| ----------------------------------------------------------------------| ---7--5--3--2--0------------------------------------------------------| ----------------------------------------------------------------------| ---8--5--4--2--0------------------------------------------------------| ----------------------------------------------------------------------| ----------------------------------------------------------------------| ----------------------------------------------------------------------| The Rhythm The Chords used are as follows Em: 022000 B7: x21202 Am: x02210 It is fairly standard Flamenco strumming in this, nothing to fancy. (Verse) Em Soy un hombre muy honrado, B7 Que me gusta lo mejor B7 A mujeres no me faltan, Em Ni al dinero, ni el amor (Chorus0 Am Em ay, ay, ay, ay B7 Em ay, ay mi amor Am Em ay mi morena, B7 Em de mi corazon To get the right rhythm you need to be able to strum properly, to do this make a bull horn (Metal hand sign, Google Dio if you can't understand) with your hand, thumb crossed over the middle and ring finger. Now direct it down over the strings with the extended index and pinky pointing down, The first part of the strum, whip the middle and ring fingers down the strings to create an open palm over the guitar, (the thumb should now be parallel with the low E string) The second part of the strum, bring your Thumb down across the strings, and then upstroke with the Thumb the top 3 or 4 strings. The Thumb should now be parallel with the low E again, creating the same open palm. The Third part of the strum, is to use that open palm and mute the strings. Rinse and Repeat :p Practice slow, and speed it up until it sounds good. at the end of the song, with the hahaha's and the Aribas! just tremolo pick fret 12 on the high as hard and as fast as you can. Any Questions or requests, don't hesisitate to spam me on: my email : [email protected] my youtube : www.youtube.com/angryredcom my facebook : facebook - Richard Sixsmith


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