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Whole World Is Watching by Morning Glory The Whole World Is Watching - Morning Glory The Whole World Is Watching - 2003 - Track 1 Tabbed By: Stephen Parsons - [email protected] Chords (for the ska part + end): Am F C G C/B e|-0---1---0---3---0----------------| B|-1---1---1---3---1----------------| G|-2---2---0---0---0----------------| D|-2---3---2---0---2----------------| A|-0---3---3---2---2----------------| E|-----1-------3--------------------| ||Intro |Guitar 1 - Repeat a lot of times e|----------------| e|----------------| B|----------------| B|----------------| G|----------------| end part G|----------------| D|--77------77----| D|7~--------------| A|------77------77| A|7~------77777777| E|55--55--55--55--| E|5~------55555555| mmmmmmmm m=palm-mute, you know the rythym |Guitar 2 - Reapeat however many times, for the end part guitar 2 plays the intro along guitar 1 then slides up and they both break into the last bit at the same time e|----------------|----------------| e|------------------| B|----------------|----------------| B|------------------| G|--------10~-----|9-~-7~----------| end part G|------------------| D|--------10~-----|9-~-7~---7~-----| D|--77------77------| A|002233558~------|7~--5~---7~-----| A|------77------77--| E|----------------|---------5~-----| E|55--55--55--55----| e|--------------------------------|----------------| B|--------------------------------|----------------| G|----1414------------1414--------|----------------| D|------------1414------------1414|7~--------------| A|1212----1212----1212----1212----|7~------77777777| E|--------------------------------|5~------55555555| mmmmmmmm ||Intro Pt. 2 |Guitar 1 - Power chords played with palm-mute style rythym, listen to song x2 A F C G |Guitar 2 - Octaves x2 e|----------------|--------------------------------| B|----------------|--------------------------------| G|14~-----11~-----|15~---------151712~-------------| D|x-------x-------|x-----------x-x-x---------------| A|12~-----8~------|13~---------131510~-------------| E|----------------|--------------------------------| ||Verse Part 1 |Guitar 1+2 - Ska rythym, multiple differnt barre chords variations available; I think open chords, however, sound best Am I was standing on the stoop F C thinking of humanity Am F C when you came along so righteous with a new national hate Am F C So convincing is the ardor of war and of men Am F C It's harder to breathe than to believe you're a friend ||Verse Part 2 |Guitar 1 - Same chords, different rythym Am F C You stick me in the back with a sideways smile Am F C Unity's the front of a gang mental' Am You're trying to burn the ashes F C but they won't catch fire Am F C While reason is coagulating in the mire |Guitar 2 - Listen for timing and stuff x4 e|----------------| B|----------------| G|----------------| D|----------------| A|x0000-------3--3| E|---------1-1--3-| ||Verse Part 1 |Guitar 1+2 Am F C As the final poor man's carcass washes up on to shore Am F C I don't know much but I know that war begets more war ||Pre-Chorus |Guitar 1 e|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| B|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| G|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| D|3-3-xxxx5-5-xxxx|--77------3322--|3-3-xxxx5-5-xxxx|--77------3232--| A|3-3-xxxx5-5-xxxx|------77------33|3-3-xxxx5-5-xxxx|------77------30| E|1-1-xxxx3-3-xxxx|55--55--55------|1-1-xxxx3-3-xxxx|55--55--55------| Are you willing to wait for another Watergate? e|----------------|----------------|----------------| B|----------------|----------------|----------------| G|----------------|9---12--14--17--|----------------| D|3-3-xxxx5-5-xxxx|x---x---x---x---|3-3-xxxx5-5-xxxx| A|3-3-xxxx5-5-xxxx|7---10--12--15--|3-3-xxxx5-5-xxxx| E|1-1-xxxx3-3-xxxx|----------------|1-1-xxxx3-3-xxxx| This national uproar's got me in surrender Fear's the sender |Guitar 2 e|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| B|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| G|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| D|3-3-xxxx5-5-xxxx|7---------------|3-3-xxxx5-5-xxxx|7---------------| A|3-3-xxxx5-5-xxxx|7---------------|3-3-xxxx5-5-xxxx|7---------------| E|1-1-xxxx3-3-xxxx|5---------------|1-1-xxxx3-3-xxxx|5---------------| e|----------------|----------------|----------------| B|----------------|----------------|----------------| G|----------------|5---4---2-------|----------------| D|3-3-xxxx5-5-xxxx|5---4---2---3---|3-3-xxxx5-5-xxxx| A|3-3-xxxx5-5-xxxx|3---2---0---3---|3-3-xxxx5-5-xxxx| E|1-1-xxxx3-3-xxxx|------------1---|1-1-xxxx3-3-xxxx| ||Chorus |Guitar 1 - x4, F Em C G then the intro riff e|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| B|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| G|10--9---5---12--|----------------|10--9---5-------|----------------| D|10--9---5---12--|--77------77----|10--9---5---5---|--77------77----| A|8---7---3---10--|------77------77|8---7---3---5---|------77------77| E|----------------|55--55--55--55--|------------3---|55--55--55--55--| 'Cause the whole wide world is watching but no one's doin' anything 'Cause the whole wide world is watching We justify the enemy Guitar 2 - x2 e|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| B|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| G|10--9---5---12--|----------------|10--9---5-------|----------------| D|x---x---x---x---|7---------------|x---x---x---5---|7---------------| A|8---7---3---10--|7---------------|8---7---3---x---|7---------------| E|----------------|5---------------|------------3---|5---------------| At the end of the last bar of the chorus both guitars play: e|--------| B|--------| G|--------| D|--------| A|------35| E|------13| ||Verse Part 1 How unpopular it seems to be persuasive for peace (I) Got a mind full of destruction but it's only for me Like a wedding vow I speak the word: equality but alas I feel that everyone is stronger than me ||Verse Part 2 You know that I was born against the O.I.A. but that is nothing new if you've heard what I say ||Verse Part 1 Mahatma sheds a tear, buried so deep underground We continue to uphold the men who hard keep us down ||Pre-Chorus Are you willing to die for a president-sized lie? For a man you've never met? Why ask why? We stick our brother ||Chorus - Just like before, but slight chanegs thrown in during the 2nd half 'cause the whole wide world is watching but no one's doin' anything 'cause the whole wide world is watching We justify the enemy |Guitar 1 - slight differneces right here - Guitar 2 plays the same thing as always e|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| B|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| G|10--9---5---12--|----------------|10--9---5-------|----------------| D|10--9---5---12--|----------3322--|10--9---5---5---|----------3322--| A|8---7---3---10--|--33--77------33|8---7---3---5---|--33--77------33| E|----------------|55--55--55------|------------3---|55--55--55------| 'cause the whole wide world is watching but no one's doin' anything 'cause the whole wide world is watching e|----------------|0~--------------| B|----------------|1~--------------| G|10--9---5-------|2~--------------| D|10--9---5---5---|2~--------------| A|8---7---3---5---|0~--------------| E|------------3---|----------------| We justify the enemy |Guitar 2 - last part of chorus e|----------------|----------------| B|----------------|----------------| G|10--9---5-------|h---------------| D|x---x---x---5---|7~--------------| h=natural harmonic A|8---7---3---x---|----------------| E|------------3---|----------------| ||Pre-solo |Guitar 1+2 - Some effect maybe? At the end of the second and fourth lines guitar 2 C until the end instead of G Am F C G All we are and dream to be Am F C G come to pass, it won't, you'll see Am F C G While the land we claim to be Am F C G chains the world so we are free ||Solo |Guitar 1 - A minor e|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| B|?--------5------|8-6565-5--------|--*------5------|*---------------| G|7---55-57-75-575|------7---757545|--7-75-57-75-575|7-x-5-------575-| D|----------------|----------------|----------------|------757-57---7| A|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| E|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| *= bend up whole step and release e|----------------|----------------| B|--*-------------|----------------| G|--7-55-5---575--|----------------| D|---------57---75|7~--------------| A|--------7-------|----------------| E|----------------|----------------| Song ends with a natural harmonic on the last note of the solo |Guitar 2 - Rythym, play these chords x2, end with the last progession on Am F G C C/B Am G F G Am Song order: Intro Part 1 Intro Part 2 Verse Part 1 Verse Part 2 Verse Part 1 Pre-Chorus Chorus Verse Part 1 Verse Part 2 Verse Part 1 Pre-Chorus Chorus (modified) Pre-solo Solo That's everything. E-mail me if you have questions or comments or anything. Peace.


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