Scorpions Always Somewhere (ver 2) guitar tab

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Always Somewhere (ver 2) by Scorpions ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Always Somewhere - Scorpions ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tabbed by: Aubin Email: [email protected] Tuning: - E A D G B e Hi, guys this is my first tabbed song. Im really happy I could do this since Im only 17. The reason Im doing this is because some ass-hole has tabbed the solo of this song and is claiming it to be perfect which it isnt. Secondly Ive tabbed the song in its entirety. So you dont have to look elsewhere for the chords, the lyrics, the solos etc. (yeah! this means solos and chords included!) I expect you guys to give me your full support and rate this song as soon as possible. So here we go now---- This is the first part of the song, the rhythm part that is played by Rudolf Schenker. Thanks to Jeff Roush ([email protected]) for the first and second rhythm part. Well call the first part A and the second part B There are no double-digit nos. here. Part A e-------------3--3--0-0---0----0--0-- B-----1--1--0--0--0----3---3----1---- G------0--0-----0--0----2---0----2--- D-------2--2---------3---2----------- A--023-----------------------0------- E------------3----------------------- This part consists of the intro. Only this part is played in the intro, not the B part. This is the Mathias Jabs part: - e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-5b-3b-1p0-0-1----5-3-10sus------------------------------------------------| G|---------------2-----------------------------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| The last note on the B string at the 10th fret should be sustained. This is the B part of the song: - Part B e-------------3--3--0--0--0--0--0---- B-----1--1--0--3--3-----1--1--1--1--- G------0--0-----0--0-----2--2--2--2-- D-------2--2------------------------- A--023---------------0--------------- E------------3----------------------- This part of the rhythm comes only in the verses (except for once in the intro). So this is how the rhythm goes: - 1) Part A twice without drums 2) Part A twice with drums 3) Part A once with solo 1 4) Part B once with end of solo followed by Klaus Meine singing For the verses play part A first followed by part B repeat the pattern till the chorus These are the lyrics of the song: - Arrive at seven, the place feels good No time to call you today. Encores at eleven, then Chinese food, Back to the hotel again. This is the second solo by Mathias Jabs: - e|-15p13-12-13p12-10-----------------15p13-12-13p12-10-17-15h17-15-12h13-12--| B|-------------------10-12-13-12-10b-----------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| Some of youll might prefer sliding down the ---15p13-12-13p12-10part. Its a good idea, but it wont sound perfect. Thats why I prefer to pull-off. After this part comes the second verse: - I call your number; the line aint free, Id like to tell you, come to me. And life without you seems like a lost dream. Love I can tell you how I feel. Keep alternating with the rhythm part (Part A & Part B) CHORUS: - e---------------------------5-5-553------------------------------------------ B---------------------------5-5-553------------------------------------------ G--5---------------2-------------------------------5---------------5--------- D--5-------5-------2---------------3-------5-------5---------5-----5--------- A--3-------5-------0---------------3-------5-------3---------5-----3--------- E----------3-----------------------1-------3-----------------3--------------- ^-^----------rests------------^^ e-------------------5-5-553--------------------------- B-------------------5-5-553--------------------------- G----------2-------------------------------5---------- D--5-------2---------------3-------5-------5-------5-- A--5-------0---------------3-------5-------3-------5-- E--3-----------------------1-------3---------------3-- ^-^------rests These are the power chords for the chorus. Theyre pretty good but I wonder if itll sound good on an acoustic guitar. The lyrics of the chorus are: - Always somewhere Miss you where Ive been. Ill be back to love you again. (Repeat again) Now comes the solo part. For this Rudolf Schenker keeps playing only the first rhythm part (Part A) throughout the solo. This is the Mathias Jabs part: - e|-12b-10b-7h10-10p7-5h7-5-----------------------------0-12-10-12-------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------10-----------| G|---------------------------12-14-12--14-12h14-12-10-9-----------------------| D|-------------------------14--------14---------------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------------------------| e|-12-15-17-15-13-12-10------------------------------------------12b-12-10-8--| B|---------------------10-12-13-13p12-10h12---------10-15p12-10-8-----------10| G|----------------------------------------------9h12--------------------------| D|-----------------------------------------10sus------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------------------------| This ends the main solo (whew!). This tab is more than accurate. The pull-offs slides etc. are all perfect and will help you get the same sound. But youll have to listen to the song to get the timing right. Also please note that all numbers are double digit except the open string, which is marked as 0. The last note (10 on the B string) has to be sustained till the singing begins. The third verse is: - Another morning, another place The only day off is far away. But every city has seen me in the end And brings me to you again. Chorus: - Always somewhere Miss you where Ive been. Ill be back to love you again. Always somewhere Miss you where Ive been. Ill be back to love you again, Ooh ooh. Then comes the small solo part for the CODA (the ending or outro for the ignorant). For this part Rudolf Schenker plays the A part twice. The solo that Mathias Jabs plays is somewhat related to the first solo. There is some kind of distortion pedal used that makes the guitar sound like electric sparks flying. So you cant hear the solo clearly. But its okay of you dont play it. You need to play the rhythm part with another guitarist simultaneously and slow down in the end. But for all those perfectionists here it is e|-0-0-----0--0----II--3-----------------------------------------------------| B|----3------3--2---II-5-3h5p3-3h5-5p3-5p3-5p3-1-3p1-3p1-3p1-0----------------| G|---------3--2--0-2II----------------------------------------2---------------| D|------------------II--------------------------------------------------------| A|------------------II--------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------II--------------------------------------------------------| To play this last part youll have to refer to the song. Ive left out the timing since its quite hard to put down. Ive separated both the parts by double lines. The first part is the A part of the rhythm and the second is the second time it is played. As I said before Ive left out the timing so dont think that the timing is perfect. If you dont get the part then play the rhythm part with another guitarist with a bit of distortion and end it slowly. The song ends on A minor. Now for those who want the chords here it is: - C G F G Am Arrive at seven the place feels good C G Am No time to call you today. C G F G Am Encores at eleven then Chinese food C G Am Back to the hotel again. And so on. For the chorus the chords are: - C G Always somewhere Am Miss you where Ive been F G C G Ill be back to love you again. C G Always somewhere Am Miss you where Ive been F G C G Ill be back to love you again. Well thats it guys. I hope you liked it. And I said before this is all 100% accurate. So there can be no mistakes. But if there are any then you could mail me at [email protected] I also want to tab for others. So if you have any requests mail them to me. If I dont have the song youll can mail it to me and if it is too big then use a file splitter and split the file and then mail it to me (with the .bat file). Your comments and suggestions are welcome. And last of all Im a great Scorpions fan if youll have any other Scorpions tabs or songs mail them to me. Youll can mail the songs by first splitting them and then mailing it to me in parts. But dont forget the .bat file. I also have a large collection of chords and lyrics and tabs if you want them let me know. If youll want to tab songs with me we could start a tabbing group or forum . Let me know.


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