Oasis D'you Know What I Mean ver 2 guitar tab

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D'you Know What I Mean Ver 2 by Oasis Oasis - D'you Know What I Mean ver 2 guitar tab D'YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN? (Gallagher) From the album "Be Here Now" and the Single "D'You Know What I Mean?" NOTE: As I'm sure you all know by now, Noel uses a capo behind the 2nd fret. Also, alot of the time Noel guitar has some flanger effect going. Chords used (remember there's a capo on the 2nd fret): EADGBe F#m7 (244255) F# (244322) A (542255) E (xx0232) Esus4 (xx2455) B (x24442) B7sus4 (x24255) D (x54232) Dadd9 (x54255) Tab Key: h = hammer on p = pull off b = bend (7b8 means bend the string at the 7th fret to make approximately the note the string would make if played at the 8th fret with no bend) r = release bend s = slide (a quick slide, making the two notes sound almost like one) / = a slower slide, play the first note, then slide to next note ~ = hold that note () = harmonics Since there are way too many guitar tracks in this song (I think I read an interview where Noel said he'd put something like 32 guitar tracks on this song!) I tried to include the most prominent fills in the song. Fill 1: Fill 2a: Fill 2b: e--(14)--------------------------------------------------------------------- B-------(14)---------------------------------------------------------------- G------------(14)---------4b5r4p2-4p2-------------b5r4p2-4p2---------------- D--------------------------------------4---------------------4p2-4---------- A--------------------------------------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fill 3 (played by two guitars): guitar #1: e--------------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------------- G---4bb5--4--2h4p2------2h4p2-----------2----- D-------------------4----------4---2h4-----4-- A--------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------- guitar #2(at the same time as guitar #1) e------------------------------------------------- B--12b13.5-12-10h12p10----12b13.5-12-10h12p10----- G----------------------11---------------------11-- D------------------------------------------------- A------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------- INTRO ===== F#m7 Dadd9 Esus4 B7sus4 [FILL 1] Verse 1 ======= F#m7 A Step off the train all alone at dawn Esus4 B7sus4 Back into the hole where I was born F#m7 A Esus4 B7sus4 The sun in the sky never raised an eye to me [FILL 1] F#m7 A There's blood on the trax and it must be mine Esus4 B7sus4 The fool on the hill and I feel fine F#m7 A Esus4 B7sus4 Don't look back cos you know what you might see [FILL 1] [THE FOLLOWING IS THE LITTLE MUSICAL INTERLUDE THAT IS BASICALLY MADE UP OF BACKWARDS GUITAR LOOPS. HERE IT'S TABBED OUT AS IF IT WERE PLAYED FORWARDS:] F#m7 A Esus4 B7sus4 F#m7 A Esus4 B7sus4 e--------------------------------------------------------------------------- B-------------------------------------------------5-----5--7---------------- G-----------------------------6----6--------4--6-----6---------------------- D-------------------7--9---------------------------------------------------- A-----------/9-------------------------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Verse 2 ======= Look into the wall of my mind's eye I think I know, but I don't know why The questions are the answers you might need e---------------(14)------------- B-----------(14)------(14)------- G-------(14)---------------(14)-- D-------------------------------- A-------------------------------- E-------------------------------- Coming in a mess going out in style I ain't good-looking but I'm someone's child No-one can give me the air that's mine to breathe[FILL 1][FILL 2a] Pre-chorus ========== [NOTE: WHILE ONE GUITAR PLAYS THE BELOW LISTED CHORDS, ANOTHER GUITAR PLAYS SIMPLY F# E B F# E B F# E B D E B] F# Esus4 B7sus4 I met my maker, I made hime cry [FILL 2b] F# Esus4 B7sus4 And on my shoulder he asked me why [FILL 2b] F# Esus4 B7sus4 His people won't fly through the storm [FILL 2a] Dadd9 Esus4 B7sus4 I said, "Hey, listen up, man, they don't even know you're born" Chorus ====== F#m7 A Esus4 All my people right here right now B7sus4 F#m7 A Esus4 B7sus4 D'you know what I mean? F#m7 A Esus4 All my people right here right now B7sus4 F#m7 A Esus4 B7sus4 D'you know what I mean? F#m7 A Esus4 All my people right here right now B7sus4 F#m7 A Esus4 B7sus4 D'you know what I mean? Yeah Yeah F#m7 A Esus4 B7sus4 F#m7 A Esus4 Yeah Yeah e---------------------------------------------------------------------- B---------------------------------------------------------------------- G-------11---11--11--9~~~~~~-9---9-9--8--8h9p8----4h6---4--4b5r4p2----- D----------------------------------------------9--------------------4-- A---------------------------------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------------------------- B7sus4 e------------------------------ B------------------------------ G-4b5r4p2---2---4b5r4p2-------- D---------4---4---------2--4--- A------------------------------ E------------------------------ Verse 3 ======= I don't really care for what you believe So open up your fist or you won't receive The thoughts and the words of every man you'll need e-------9-------9-------9-------9------------ B-12b15---12b15---12b15---12b15---12b15r12--- guitar G-------------------------------------------- #1 D-------------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------- e-------------------------------------------- B-----10---12b13.5r12-10----10-----10-------- guitar G-11---------------------11----11-----11----- #2 D-------------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------- Get up off the floor and believe in life No-one's ever gonna ever ask you twice Get on the bus and bring it on home to me e----9----9--9----9--9----9--9----9------------ B---12b15---12b15---12b15---12b15---12--10----- G-------------------------------------------11- D---------------------------------------------- A---------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------- Pre-chorus ========== I met my maker, I made hime cry [FILL 2b] And on my shoulder he asked me why [FILL 2a] His people won't fly through the storm I said, "Hey, listen up, man, they don't even know you're born" Chorus ====== All my people right here right now They know what I mean? [FILL 3] All my people right here right now They know what I mean? [FILL 3] All my people right here right now They know what I mean? F# Yeah Yeah e------------------------------------------------------------------------- B---------------------------12b14--12-10-----10--12b14~~r12p10------------ G----9h11--11---11--11--11---------------11--------------------11--11--11- D------------------------------------------------------------------------- A------------------------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------------------------- e--------------------------------------------------------------------------- B------10---------------------------------------10-----12b13.5--12-10-12-12- G-9h11----11-------------2--4b5r4p2---2----9h11----11----------------------- D-------------4p2--4--4-------------4---4----------------------------------- A--------------------------------------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then: Dadd9 E7sus4 Dadd9 E7sus4 Dadd9 E7sus4 B7sus4 e--------------------------------------------------------------------------- B-17b19r17-------------------------------------------------------------------------- G-----------14--16~b17.5r16--14------------------14--14--------------14-------------------------- D--------------------------------16--16----14h16---------16----14h16-----16------------------- A-----------------------------------------------------------16---------------- E--------------------------------------------------------------------------- e--------------------------------------------------------------- B-------17b19r17-------------------------------14-x-x-14-x-x-14- G-14--------------14--16~b17.5r16--14----------14-x-x-14-x-x-14- D----16--------------------------------16--16------------------- A---------------------------------------------[wah-wah & flanger effect- E----------------------------------------------on above notes]-- e---------------------------------------------14-------------------- B-16b17r16p14h16p14-----17b19r17--------------14-------------------- G-16b17r16p14h16p14---------------14--16b17.5----b17r16--14--------- D-------------------16---------------------------------------16--16- A------------------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------------------- e--------------------------------------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------------------------17b19r17----- G-----------------------14--16b17.5r16--14------14-----------------14- D-----------14--14--16----------------------16------16---------------- A-14h15h16------------------------------------------------------------ E--------------------------------------------------------------------- e---------14------------------------------------------------------------------ B----------------------------------------------------------------------------- G-16b17.5---b17.5r16--14----------16p14----16p14----16p14-16b17.5~~~r16-14---- D-------------------------16--16--------16-------16------------------------16- A---------------------------------[wah-wah and flanger ]------------------- E----------------------------------------------------------------------------- [CHORUS a bunch of times] Song ends, and you hear that backwards feedback type stuff. The notes for this are something like: e------------------------2-------------------------------------------------- B---------------------------4--5-------------------------------------------- G---------------------------------4--3----4---repeats over and over--------- D--------------------------------------------------------------------------- A--------------------------------------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------------------------------


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