Metallica Unforgiven Ii ver 2 guitar tab

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Unforgiven Ii Ver 2 by Metallica Metallica - Unforgiven Ii ver 2 guitar tab #----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # =============== VERSION ONE =============== Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 12:45:25 -0500 (EST) From: SteveG0123 Subject: The Unforgiven II The Unforgiven II Hetfield, Ulrich, Hammett from The Album "Reload" tab by Jayson Brown, Andrew O'Hara,Phil Boyle, and Steve Giannopoulos corrections/add-ons:[email protected] all guitars down 1/2 step (Eb) 1a) Kirk (left side) Db---7/9-9/10-12--14-12-10/1210-7/9-9/10-12--12-9/109-- Ab-7----------------------------------------------------- Eb-5-5/7-7/8--10--12-10-8/10-8--5/7-7/8--10--10-7/8-7-- 1b) James Db--2---5------5-----7 Ab--0---3------5-----5 Eb-------------3------ intro (distorted) 2) eb---------0------------------3---3-3------------------ Bb----------1-----------------3-----3---3^-0--1/31- Gb------2-----------------0---------------------2/42- Db----2-----------------2----------------------------- Ab--0------------0-2-3-------------------------------- Eb-------------------------------------------------- verse clean "Lay beside me, tell me what they've done" This is played on a Fender Telecaster with a B-bender (same as Ronnie). It will be difficult to play exactally right without one. (I don't have one either) Instead of the 3h5 he's actually able to bend the B string (hence the name) up a full step. I'd like to play one some day just to see how it works. (It has to do with the strap button and is connected to a pulley at the bridge) 3) eb-1-1------1-1------3-3------1-1--------- Bb-3---3----1---1----3---3----1---1------- Gb-2-----2--2-----2--4-----4--2-----2----- Db-0--------3--------5--------3----------- Ab----------3--------5--------3----------- Eb----------1--------3--------1----------- bridge "But there's no sun shining through." 4a) Gb--4-5-5-5--5-4-4--4-7-7--7-7-5-5-4 Db--5-7-7-7--7-5-5--5-5-5--5-5-7-7-5 Ab---------------------------------- Eb---------------------------------- 4b) Gb--4-5-5-5--5-4-4--4-7-7--7-5-4-5-4-- Db--5-7-7-7--7-5-5--5-5-5------------7 Ab------------------------------------ Eb------------------------------------ "What I've felt, what I've known" 5a) left eb------------------------------------ Bb------------------------------------ Gb------2--------5-----------------7-- Db----2---2----5---5------5------7---7 Ab--0--------3----------5---5--5------ Eb--------------------3--------------- 5b) right eb------------------------------------ Bb------------------------------------ Gb--4-2-4-2--7-5-7-5-----------9-7-9-7 Db--------------------7-5-7-5--------- Ab------------------------------------ Eb------------------------------------ "Come lay beside me" (second verse) played with echo and chorus. SOLO full full full full full Eb---------------------------------------------15-----15-----15--15-I Bb-----------------------12--15--12----12--15-----15------15--------I Gb--7-5h7p5-4-5------/14------------14------------------------------I Db--------------5---------------------------------------------------I Ab------------------------------------------------------------------I Eb------------------------------------------------------------------I full full full Eb-----17--------------17--------------17---------17---------I Bb-/17----17--20---/17----17--20---/17----17--20-----20--17--I Gb-----------------------------------------------------------I Db-----------------------------------------------------------I Ab-----------------------------------------------------------I Eb-----------------------------------------------------------I 1/2 Eb-------------------------------------------------------------------------I Bb-------------------19-17----19-17----19-17----19-17----19-17----19-17----I Gb-19--17--19--17----19-17----19-17----19-17----19-17----19-17----19-17----I Db----------------19-------19-------19-------19-------19-------19-------19-I Ab-------------------------------------------------------------------------I Eb-------------------------------------------------------------------------I 1/2 Eb--------------------------------------------I Bb-17----------------------19-17--------------I Gb----20-17-19-17-19-17----19-17--------------I Db----------------------19-------19-----------I Ab--------------------------------------------I Eb--------------------------------------------I =============== VERSION TWO =============== From: Fredrik Derger [[email protected]] Sent: Thursday, January 15, 1998 1:09 PM To: [email protected] Subject: TAB: THE UNFORGIVEN II by METALLICA THE UNFORGIVEN II from the album RELOAD Tabbed by Fredrik Derger e-mail: [email protected] This song was pretty tricky the figure out so everything might not be Correct but here goes. I left the solo for yourselves the figure out. tune down 1/2 step. Intro: e-----------------------------------------------------I b-----------------------------------------------------I g-2-2-4-5-75/7~-/9-7-5/75-7-2-4-5-75/7~-/7-5-------I d-2---------------------------------------------------I a-0-0-2-3-53/5~-/7-5-3/53-5-0-2-3-53/5~-/7-3-0h2p0-I E-----------------------------------------------------I Verse: e-----0-----------------------------------I b-------1-------8---8-8---------0-1/31-0-I g---------------7b9---9r7-7b9r7---2/42-0-I d---2---------2---------------------------I a-0-----0-2-3-----------------------------I E--------------------(3)--------(0)-------I The third verse is the base tones of the other ones with a third Guitar playing something strange added. End verse: e-----1---------------------------5-I b-------3-------------------------5-I g-------------2-3-----------------5-I d---0-------0---------------------7-I a-0-------0---------2-3-5---2-3-5---I E-----------------3-------1---------I Chorus: e--------------------------------------------I b--------------------------------------------I g-4h5-5-5-5--5p4-4-4-4--5h7-7-7-7--7p5-5-5-5-I d-5---5-5-5--5---5-5-5--7---7-7-7--7---7-7-7-I repeat once a--------------------------------------------I E--------------------------------------------I e--------------------------------------------------I b--------------------------------------------------I g-4h5-5-5-5--5p4-4-4-4--5h7-7-7-7--/7-5-4-5~-4-----I d-5---5-5-5--5---5-5-5--7---7-7-7--------------7~-I a--------------------------------------------------I E--------------------------------------------------I Chorus fill in: e----------------------------------I b------------------------------3-5-I g-2-4-5--5--5-5-4-0-----2-4-5------I d----------------------------------I a----------------------------------I E----------------------------------I End: e---------------------------------------I b---------------------------------------I g-4-5---5-4---4-5---7-4---4-5---7-4-----I d-5-5---5-5---5-5---5-5---5-5---5-5---5-I a-------------------------------------5-I E-------------------------------------3-I Order: Intro Verse, 6 times Intro Verse, 4 times End verse Chorus, 2 times Intro Verse, 4 times End verse Chorus, 2 times During solo play Intro once and Chorus once Intro Verse, 3 times End verse Chorus, 2 times Chorus, 2 times with Chorus fill in End =============== LYRICS =============== Lyrics: Lay beside me, tell me what they've done And speak the words I wanna hear, to make my demons run The door is locked now, but it's open if you're true If you can understand the me, than I can understand the you Lay beside me, under wicked sky The black of day, dark of night, we share this paralyze The door cracks open, but there's no sun shining through Black heart scarring, darker still, but there's no sun shining through No, there's no sun shining through No, there's no sun shining What I've felt, what I've known Turn the pages, turn the stone Behind the door Should I open it for you? Yeah, what I've felt, what I've known Sick and tired, I stand alone Could you be there, 'cuz I'm the one who waits for you Or are you unforgiven too? Come lay beside me, this won't hurt, I swear She loves me not, she loves me still, but she'll never love again She lay beside me, but she'll be there when I'm gone Black hearts scarring darker still, yes, she'll be there when I'm gone Yes, she'll be there when I'm gone Dead sure she'll be there What I've felt, what I've known Turn the pages, turn the stone Behind the door Should I open it for you? Yeah, what I've felt, what I've known Sick and tired, I stand alone Could you be there, 'cuz I'm the one who waits for you Or are you unforgiven too? Lay beside me, tell me what I've done The door is closed, so are your eyes But now I see the sun, now I see the sun Yes, now I see it What I've felt, what I've known Turn the pages, turn the stone Behind the door Should I open it for you? Yeah, what I've felt, what I've known So sick and tired, I stand alone Could you be there, 'cuz I'm the one who waits The one who waits for you Oh, what I've felt Oh, what I've known I take this key And I bury it in you Because you're unforgiven too Never free Never me 'cuz you're unforgiven too


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