John Mayer Back To You ver 1 guitar tab

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Back To You Ver 1 by John Mayer John Mayer - Back To You ver 1 guitar tab Band: John Mayer Song: Back to you transcribed by Scott Fischer and Catherine Gagné Intro (album) e-------------7-------------7--------- ------------7------------7-------- b--------10-9----------10-9---9-7----- -------10-9---------10-9---9-7---- g------9-------------9------------9--- -----9------------9------------9-- d----7-------------7------------------ ---------------------------------- a-----------------(0)----------------- ---9------------9----------------- e------------------------------------- ---------------------------------- e--------------7--- ------------7-------- ------------7------------7--- b---------10-9----- -------10-9---9-7---- -------10-9---------10-9----- g-------9---------- -----9------------9-- -----9------------9---------- d-----7------------ --------------------- ----------------------------- a------------------ ---7----------------- ---9------------9------------ e---7-------------- --------------------- ----------------------------- T He doesn't play this.. He repeats the same riff without the bass notes. If you want to play what he does, replace the bass notes by (xx7xxx). You can simply play (079900) and then move on to the verse, like he did on 01-06-09. Part 1 Verse e--------------------------------------------------------------------- b---10---9---------10---9---------10---9-----9--10----10---9---------- g----9---9----------9---9----------9---9-----9---9-----9---9---------- d----7---7---(x2)---7---7---(x2)---7---7-----x---x-----7---7--(x2)---- a----0---0----------9---9----------x---x-----7---7-----9---9---------- e----------------------------------7---7------------------------------ T T Part 2 e---0---0---0---------- ---0---0---0--(2)--0--- b---0---0---0---------- ---0---0---0---3---0--- g---9---9---9---------- ---9---9---9---2---9--- d---9---7---7---(x2)--- ---7---7---7---4---9--- a---7---4---5---------- ---9---4---5---2---7--- e---0---x---x---------- ---x---x---x---x---x--- You can replace (x47900) by (9x7900) Part 3 e---0-------3--- ----------(0)--- b---1---1---3--- --(5)-(5)-(0)--- g---0---0---0--- ---4---4---7---- d---3---2---0--- ---4---4---7---- a---x---3---x--- ---x---x---5---- e---1-------3--- ---4---5---x---- Part 4 "For me too.." e------------------- b---5---7---3---5--- g---7---9---4---6--- d---7---9---2---4--- a---x---x---3---5--- e---7---9----------- Part 5 "Back to me.." e---0---0---0---0---0--- b---0---0---0---0---0--- g---2---2---2---1---2--- d---2---2---0---4---2--- a---0---x---2---2---x--- e---x---2---x---0---2--- (2x2200) is sometimes played this way (2x4204) and this way (2x4200). (x20200) is sometimes (x20230) (x02200) is sometimes (x02204) "I'm weaker than you know" (live) e------------------------------- ------0-0-2--0-0-2--0--- ------------------------------ b------------------------------- ------4-2-0--4-2-0--4--- ------------------------------ g-----2--1---------------------- ------4-4-4--4-4-4--4--- ------2--1-------------------- d-----4--2--2----4--------2-4--- ------------------------ ------4--2--2--4--------2-4--- a-----------4--4----0h2s4------- ------------------------ ------------4-----0h2s4------- e---2--------------------------- ---2-------------------- ---2-------------------------- e-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- b--------------------------------------------------------------------------------2----------------- g--------------------------------------------------------------------------------x----------------- d-----4-------2--4-----4-------------------2-4-------------2-4-------------2-4---4-----------2-4--- a-------0h2------4-------0h2s4-0h2s4-0h2s4-----------0h2s4-----------0h2s4-------------0h2s4------- e---2-------4--------2-----------------------------2---------------2-----------------2------------- e------------------0-0-------------------------------------------0------------------------- b------------------4-2-------------------------------------------4------------------------- g------------------4-4-------------------------------------------4------------------------- d-------------2-4--------(you get the idea..)-----2-2--1-----2-1-------2-2--1-----2-1--4--- a-------0h2s4-------------------------------------4-4--2-----4-2-------4-4--2-----4-2------ e-----2-----------------------------------------2--------------------2--------------------- e--------------------------------------- -------------------------------- b--------------------------------------- -------------------------------- g-----2-2--1----2-2-2-2------2---------- -------------------------------- d-----x-x--x----x-x-x-x------x------2--- ---4--4---2h4------2h4---------- a-----4-4--2----4-4-4-4------4--2h4----- ---x--x------------------------- e---2---------------------2------------- ---2--2--------2-2------2-x-2--- Intro (1) Back to you It always comes around Back to you I tried to forget you I tried to stay away But it's too late (1) Over you I'm never over Over you Something about you It's just the way you move The way you move me (2) I'm so good at forgetting And I quit ever game I play But forgive me, love I can't turn and walk away (Intro) (1) Back to you It always comes around Back to you I walk with your shadow I'm sleeping in my bed With your silhouette (2) Should have smiled in that picture If it's the last that I'll see of you It's the least that you Could not do (3) Leave the light on I'll never give up on you Leave the light on For me too (4) (5) Back to me I know that it comes Back to me Doesn't it scare you Your will is not as strong As it used to be (5) I'm swimming in a sea of faces trying to float my way to you but it's no use in a crowded room where everybody wants you


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